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Lime and Flour Residue Streaks

<span>Lime and Flour Residue Streaks:</span> Small<span>Lime and Flour Residue Streaks:</span> Medium<span>Lime and Flour Residue Streaks:</span> Extra Small
Lime and Flour Residue StreaksLime and Flour Residue StreaksLime and Flour Residue Streaks
Price: $11.99


Available in 3 sizes - simulates lime / flour reside commonly found running down the sides of covered hoppers. This is a result when spillage and car top debris from loading gets wet from precipitation and runs off the car side. Like our leeching rust streaks, these decals are very easy to tuck under catwalks. These images are opaque.

NOTE: All decals in this set are WHITE. The greyscale preview images are for reference only.

  • 1 sheet (8½" × 5½") uncut decal set
  • high-quality, invisible waterslide film
  • create unique and authentic-looking results in just minutes
  • various sizes available – mix and match to suit your needs
  • printed using opaque white ink